10 Tips to Minimize Moving House Costs

Clever ways to reduce the cost of moving house is to hire professional removalists.

May 24
Samantha Nishu

professional movers Moving house is a time of big expenses. There are going to be a lot of planned as well as unplanned expenses that add on to the stress of moving house. If you want to cut down on the expenses and not leave a big dent on your savings, then you should read on to find out clever ways to reduce the cost of moving house.

1. Book The Movers in Advance

The sooner you book your movers, the better. Movers are almost always in demand. So once you’ve decided that you’re moving, make sure to call up the moving company and book your dates in advance. Not only will this ensure that there are no issues with regard to the actual moving, it will also help you get better rates. Booking at the last-minute could lead you to pay fat rates that are best avoided.

2. Plan Your Budget

Before you make your move, plan your budget. While it is impossible to determine exactly how much you will be spending on the move, you can always have a rough estimate. Knowing how much you will be spending and trying not to go too overboard that amount will help you keep your moving costs relatively low.

3. Collect Packing Material

Packing and moving the contents of an entire house will require a lot of packing materials. Instead of wasting money buying boxes that you will throw away after your move, try scrounging your local supermarkets for some spares. Most supermarkets will be happy to provide you with boxes. You can also ask friends and family for any spare boxes, bubble wrap and other packing items that they might have lying around. Another great tip is to order tape and cling wrap in bulk to cut down on costs.

4. Get Rid of Unwanted Things

Getting rid of unwanted things means you’ll have lesser stuff to move. That in turn means lesser moving expenses. So de-clutter your home, selling anything that you haven’t used in over a year. You can also give away things to charity.

Rope in your friends and family to help you pack the things that you do need. Figure out if it will be less expensive to simply buy new furniture rather than transporting your old ones to the new house. As much as you can, try not to put anything in storage as that is another added expense.

5. Ask Your Moving Company About How to Pack Things

If you’re not sure about how to pack your fragile items or other valuables, don’t hesitate to reach out to your moving company. Most movers will be more than happy to give you tips on how to pack your stuff. Doing this will ensure that you pack your things efficiently, thereby avoiding breakage or other damage during the move.

6. Cut Down On Your Regular Expenses

It’s a fact that moving house means dealing with a stack of bills. And there is no other way to make up for the expenses than to cut down on some of your other regular expenses. Make your own coffee instead of buying that overpriced coffee on your way to work every day; opt to eat at home instead of eating out. Try to find ways to cut down your expenses and save some money to make your move a little less punishing on your wallet.

7. Consider Moving During Winter

Here’s a great insider tip: if possible, move during winter. Summer is the most popular time for moves, which means that the moving companies are going to be in high demand. Winter is when things slow down and making your move during that time could help you save money on movers quotes. Also, the beginnings and ends of the months are when the movers will be in high demand. So if you could schedule your move during the middle of the month, that would work out in your favour as well.

8. Make Some DIY Home Repairs

No matter in how good a condition your new house is, chances are that there are some necessary home repairs to be done. From a leaking tap to a lights that need to be changed, you will find that you need to do some quick home repairs to make the place better. And why not do them yourself? Think about it. Instead of hiring a plumber for the leaking tap and an electrician for the lights, you could do it all yourself and save a lot of money in the process.

9. Find A Good Moving Company

This is a crucial point. Finding a good, reliable moving company is of paramount importance. It is not only about the rates that they offer but also about how professional and trustworthy they are. You need movers who will work fast and efficiently, handling your items with care. What you don’t want are movers who try to rip you off by stretching the time, taking way too long to load the truck, or movers who are careless with your things, resulting in breakage and such. So hunt around for a good moving company to ensure that you don’t end up spending money on hidden costs such as loss of valuables, excessive time for transportation and so on.

10. Hunt for a Better Deal with Your Utilities Providers

Moving house is a great time to consider changing your utilities providers. Look for providers that offer better packages. You can even call up and ask them about their rates, citing that you’re moving house and so are looking for a new provider. Most of them will give you attractive packages to sign you up as a new customer. So use this opportunity to save up on your utility bills.

These ten tips are practical ways to save some cash during a move. You can also think of some other innovative ways such as walking to the supermarket instead of taking your car (saving fuel), cancelling subscriptions that you don’t use (magazines, online subscriptions, etc.), and bribing friends and family to look after your kids and/or pets instead of hiring sitters.