12 Best OpenMailBox Alternatives

How many times have you been frustrated with your email service? Maybe the interface was not what you’re used to, or maybe it didn’t work well on mobile devices. Whatever the problem is, it’s time for a change! In this blog post, we will be discussing 13 of the best OpenMailBox alternatives that are currently available.

12 Best OpenMailBox Alternatives

12 Best OpenMailBox Alternatives

  1. ProtonMail:ProtonMail is a highly configurable mail service that provides easy-to-use end-to-end encryption, ensuring your messages stay private.Features:Open source and free of charge; non-Gmail interface with browser extensions; uses multiple layers of security including PGP encryption, two-step verification, and passwords encrypted in a database with secure hashing
  2. Mailbox.org:Mailbox is a simple, free email service that’s easy to use and includes all the basic features you would want in an email account including spam protection, SSL encryption, POP/IMAP support for desktop clients, filtering by size, or sender and more.
  3. Zoho Mail:Zoho is a full-featured mail service with robust features for both businesses and individuals. It boasts built-in collaboration tools, a mobile app (currently only available to Android users), and 24/365 customer support.
  4. FastMail:Fastmail is a secure and reliable email service that takes pride in its excellent customer support. It’s easy to use, features strong spam filtering, offers two-factor authentication for added security, and lets you choose your own domain name from over 100 TLDs such as .com or .co.uk
  5. Gmail:Gmail is a free, powerful, and popular email service that provides strong spam filtering, over 15 GB of storage space per account, and an easy-to-use interface.
  6. Outlook.com:Outlook is Microsoft’s premier email service that offers a range of features for both home and business users including built-in calendars, notes, tasks, phone integration with Skype, and more
  7. Office 365:The office is a well-known brand synonymous with productivity and email. Office 365 offers end-to-end encryption, spam filtering, virus protection, contact sharing and more
  8. Mail.com:Mail is a full-featured and free email service that’s easy to use, offers social media integration, strong spam filtering, and two-factor authentication
  9. Yahoo! Mail:Yahoo offers a full-featured and free email service with over 15 GB of storage, spam filtering, anti-virus protection, auto-complete address book for fast typing
  10. Gmail Business Email (G Suite):The G Suite is Google’s answer to Microsoft Office 365 features include email archiving, video conferencing, voice and video chat via Hangouts, shared calendars, Google Docs collaboration tools, and more
  11. Rackspace Email:Rackspace is a reliable email service that offers features such as spam filtering, free POP/IMAP access to desktop clients with Microsoft Outlook Hotmail anmelden or Mozilla Thunderbird installed on your computer
  12. iCloud:Apple’s iCloud is a free email service that offers features such as spam filtering, secure storage for attachments, and more.The post concludes with: “Whatever the problem is, it’s time for a change! In this blog post, we will be discussing 13 of the best OpenMailBox alternatives that are currently available.

About OpenMailBox

OpenMailbox is a secure, private, and reliable email service provider. OpenMailbox offers unique features that are tailored to the needs of every individual user including security-conscious people who want to keep their information safe from hackers and government surveillance programs.

Geopec Webmail: Easier than Ever

Geopec Webmail is a web-based email service that gives you the power to manage your business from anywhere. With Geopec Webmail, there’s no need for expensive software installation or worries about compatibility with other devices. It can be accessed on any device and has all of the features you need to work efficiently in today’s demanding world.

Geopec Webmail: Easier than Ever

11 Steps to Improve Your Conversion Rate

  1. Add a Lead Magnet
  2. Add an Opt-In Box to Your Site’s Header
  3. Don’t Make Users Complete Captcha
  4. Use Emotional Language in Headlines and Titles
  5. Include Social Sharing Buttons on Every Page of Your Website
  6. Create Content That People Actually Want to Read (Keyword Research)
  7. Add Popups When Visitors Are On Your Homepage
  8. Optimize With Google Analytics
  9. Keep It Simple by Leaving Out Useless Information/Features (Less is More)
  10. Maximizing Mobile Compatibility: Fixing Problems with the Pinch-to-Zoom Functionality
  11. Know What You’re Good at Doing, Hire Someone Else for Everything Else!

Why Choose Geopec Webmail?

Geopec provides a web-based email service that has all the features available to businesses today. You can access it from anywhere, and there’s nothing else needed than an internet connection on any device! It takes less time to download or install software – everything is handled by Geopec so you get immediate access without having to wait through lengthy installation processes. There are no monthly fees either – only per message fees with competitive rates across various industries around the world. This makes Geopec Webmail very cost effective since they use money saving practices like bulk purchasing and have negotiated discounts with suppliers in order to keep costs down for their customers.


The Geopec Webmail service is heralded for its ease of use, which makes it an excellent choice for business and personal users. It has a variety of security features that make sure your messages are secure without having to jump through hoops. And with the ability to access from anywhere, or on any device, you’ll never have to worry about being away from critical communications again.

It’s easy enough for anyone who wants basic web-based emailing but powerful enough for those who need more robust usage – it scales well no matter what your needs happen to be! The interface might take some getting used too at first glance, but once you’ve had time to explore all the options available in this sleek webmail client, you’ll be glad to have it.

This email client is highly customizable and has powerful features that make Geopec Webmail an excellent choice for the modern business user in today’s constantly evolving technology landscape. If you’re looking for a web-based service that provides great security with easy usability, this one should definitely be on your list!


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How to Create YouTube Account Without Gmail or Google Email-ID

By default, every time you try to access YouTube, Google will ask you to provide your Gmail address to access. However, you are not required to sign in only with your Gmail address. If you don’t use Gmail and prefer another email service, you can also use it to create an account and access YouTube.YouTube is one of the most popular platforms and arguably the most popular video platform, but you know all of this. And you also know that there are many other useful features, such as subscriptions and play history, which can be used when you access YouTube. You can create a YouTube account without the need for a Gmail account. This can be useful, especially when you’re concerned about privacy issues when using Google products.

Note: even if a Gmail account will not be created during the process, a Google Account will be created using your email address.

Create a YouTube account without Gmail:

This method allows you to use YouTube and all its functions without using any other Google products. Any other email address, be it personal or personal, can be used for this method. Here are the steps for creating a YouTube account without Gmail.

  • First, make sure you’re not signed in to a Google Account anywhere else in the same browser. Then go to YouTube and click “Sign in” at the top right of your home page.
  • Sign in to YouTube
  • This will take you to the login page and you can click on “More Options”.
  • Other options. Now you will see two options. Click on what says “Create Account”.
  • Create an account
  • Go to the “Create your Google Account Inbox” page. The form you see on this page will be different from what you see when you create a new Gmail account. The difference: in “your email address”, you’ll see a link that says “I’d like a new Gmail address”.
  • By clicking on this, you will access the usual page and the text will change to “I prefer to use my current email address.

Looking for more information on creating a YouTube account?  The technical support team will provide you with expert 24 * 7 guidance for your customers. so don’t worry about following the tech guide and solving your problems in minutes.